Give Meaning to be Happiness

Almost all of us in present phase are influenced by materialism judgment. All of we is just a part of material. Extremely I said that entire world is regulated and managed with the material rulers. What is the material ruler? The problem of material solved after the needed of their body structure had been loaded and completed. If you hungry, immediately eat some foods, If you thirst quickly drink some water, If you want comfort, give your backbone support, If you are pain in your stomach, take some medicines and if you need something just go and completed your desire. Almost every nation entire the world protect and save intention of their society using the materialism view. It’s about economic strength and stability, or how to fulfill the foods demand, or how to make the society reach prosperity by high national wage level, Or how to raise surplus gain in international trading, and other parameters. Of course it is important to make us prosper and can live harmony between us. But I believe all people from every nation in this world make all of this parameters just to one single word, it is about happiness. In materialism view, happiness is profit and benefit. Profit is gain bigger than effort and it take by innovation likes technology, efficiency likes low cost resource, and big sell market. And with all the calculation and computation that available on earth it’s extremely true. The innovation, efficiency, and big market will give us a big yield whatever the method of management in the business. But deeper from this view, happiness is in hearth, it about something that can not be explained. It’s such us combination of precision mixer of composure and passion that makes happiness but it’s still not explicit. This symptom won’t explained by materialism view forever. Because exactly, there is not foods, money, wealthy, position, or degree that make us involved in one happiness. But the happiness will come if there are meaning in this yield result. The profit just a wealth or calculation of obligation and credit. The technology just collection of science and knowledge in program object. Big market just composition of large work to meet the demand. But if there is a meaning, all of this will being a big happiness. How to make it meaningful??? Don’t judge that we are a material. But belief that we are a human with hearth, live together with others, and we have a purpose why we exist and spread entire the world. There is a base purpose why there is existence………. Lets your hearth guides you into a deep happiness and find your purpose by seeing the symptom and phenomenon around us ….


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