Argo Parahyangan : Cross Over Jakarta – Bandung Bridge

West Java, one of many prosperous blessing land in Indonesia. The land is resources for producing a huge amount of food. Three until five times larger amount of yields productivity if compared with the land in other island such as Kalimantan or Papua. It might be caused a lot of volcano mountain live there, but the consequence is big opportunity to meet natural disaster likes earthquake, flood, and landside erosion. The easiest way to understand, it might be a pleasure if you enjoy the view from train. Argo Parahyangan arrange the schedule trip from Gambir Station, Jakarta to Bandung, West Java. There are fourth trip go to bandung and return back to Jakarta everyday. Choose the morning trip to catch view of Paris van Java land. There are many bridge on your track, a lot of views of mountains, Paddy rice fields, and a long tunnel. This track had existed since Indonesia under Dutch administration official. Train tracks at West Java was built because this land have huge number and kind of natural resources and plantation commodities such as spices, coffee, coconut, tea, rubber, and palm. I am not claim that it is the best train trip in the world, but you can see unpretentious view of people and society behind the window of Argo Parahyangan…

DSCN1366   Gambir Station, Jakarta

Interior of Argo Parahyangan
DSCN1427   Interior of Argo Parahyangan DSCN1373  Mountain and Cumulonimbus
DSCN1381  spread out paddy rice fields DSCN1400  Paddy rice fields
DSCN1413    View over paddy fields DSCN1405   Cipularang highway bridge
DSCN1406  Cipularang highway bridge DSCN1402  Cipularang highway bridge
DSCN1417    Over the train track bridge DSCN1419   The view from window, through the bridge
DSCN1428   Bandung Station DSCN1433  Rail track at Bandung Station

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